Guest Interview Training Lab

This is your opportunity to privately perfect your performance before you go public. Learn the techniques so you can master the art of the interview and be the go-to expert in your space. 


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The MEDIA MESSAGING LAB is opening soon. Be first in line & i'll let you know when we launch!

Here's what's waiting for you inside...

Everything you need to ace your interview. Privately perfect your performance before you go public! Ensure you nail messaging, stay on point, and still be an entertaining delight who will be asked back over-and-over.





But first, a quick note!

Real talk, I will always tell it like it is and will be brutally honest about what it really takes for you to nail it as a podcast guest.

Winging is a waste. if you land an interview and don't go in with a game plan you are just showing up for a nice chat. Not "sticking" your messaging can damage your brand. 

You are the expert, know your niche so this is your opportunity to learn the skills to ensure you make the most out of every single media appearance you do from now on. 


Interviews are not just a 'casual conversations' ever. Each party has an agenda and a desired outcome (including you). This course will teach you how to nail your individual interview goal every time.

Winging it is a waste!

Don't rely on the host. They won't always be fully prepared (but you can be!)


Just because you can run a 5K doesn't mean you can make the Olympics. Just because you can 'talk' doesn't make you are an amazing interviewee. This is your chance to learn skills and techniques.

You are in the PASSENGER seat but you don't have to be PASSIVE

Prepare for every interview so you can take the wheel when necessary


The host may not have read your book or even done the research. Learn strategies and techniques for when things go south.

WHAT makes me so UNIQUE to teach you ?

Legit question and I would ask the exact same thing! Below is the long route I took to get where I am (so you don't have to) and benefit from my 'learnings' AKA mistakes along the way.


Hi I'm Kelly Glover and I've put in 18-years working my way up the in media

Here's what my journey looks like (so you can reap the benefits). WARNING: CELEBRITY NAME DROPPING AHEAD!

Hollywood Intern: Yes, I started at Miramax in Hollywood! There's a lot you learn from a film studio. Lots of reading scripts, contracts, and seeing how the publicity machine works for movie releases and Oscar. campaigns

Celebrity Interviewer: Interviewing celebrities on the red carpet at movie premieres. This is where interview skills come into play. There's so much to know about asking and answering questions! A few people I've interviewed include Chris Hemsworth, John Travolta, Kirsten Dunst, Billy Bob Thornton, Jason Segel, Joaquin Phoenix, Kim Basinger, Rose Burn, Katie Holmes, and Sarah Michelle Gellar. 

Talent Agent: Sourcing, pitching, booking talent for TV, theater, commercials and musical theater. Lot of negotiations, contracts, and talent management.  

Community Radio: This is where the true love for radio and podcasts began. I did a course, started a radio show. 

Started Podcasting:  It was 2007 and a podcast was my radio show with the songs and commercials removed. 

Grad School for Radio: I went to the national radio school in Australia AFTRS (10 people a year get chosen). I learned every aspect prom producing, to copywriting, editing, promotions, hosting. scripting. I can run a board, talk on the mic, edit a call, and time out all at the same time. This experience is unparalleled.

Syndicated radio host: Hosted my own radio show for 3 years! That's 6 hours a day live on air so I've racked up more than 5,000 hours on-air. 

Show Notes Writer: Here's where I got into podcasting as a profession as a show notes writer. I was back living in Hollywood for 4 years.

Podcast Guest Booker: I start as a basic booker and freaking nail it. I'm the top booker at the agency and am booking 80+podcast interviews per month. 

Podcast Producer at a Network: Those radio skills come in handy when I produced 8 shows for the women's podcast network, Mamamia. The branded podcast I produced Hello, Bump! got more than 1 million downloads and #1 on iTunes and was awarded Best Branded Podcast at The Australian Podcast Awards. Other shows made New & Noteworthy. Total gun producer but ready to launch the agency. 

Casting Producer: Have you ever watched UnReal? It' pretty much that! 

The Talent Squad: Finally go out on my own. 

You NEED interview SKILLS & I should be the one to TEACH you

Guest Interview TrainingLab!


I'll help understand the rules of the media game and give you strategies so you can master your interview technique. 

The Interview Guest Lab gives you the tools to privately perfect your performance before you go public. Be prepared to put in the practice though Don't worry no one is watching (yet!). 

Control how your MESSAGE gets out in the world

When to speak fast, when to speak slow, when to reframe the question, when to say no comment, how to mention your book. This and ALL the things you need to know. 

Guest Interview Training Lab

Everything you didn't know you needed to do during and interview. Yes, it's like walking and chewing gum at the same time

  • Interview like a pro
  • Refining your interview skills
  • How to talk about yourself
  • Storytelling hacks for interviews
  • Know the ground rules of interviews
  • How to frame a media message
  • Sharing opposing views
  • Addressing negatives
  • Taking a stand 
  • Deciding when to talk fast & when to talk slow
  • Understanding the audience for each interview 
  • Managing the interview from the inside without taking over
  • integrating your keywords 
  • Speaking in soundbites
  • What to say so you get quoted

All of this, with ONE EXTRA invaluable resource... ME!

What I learned interviewing Hollywood's A-List & doing 5,000 hours live on air

Learn from my successes and mistakes on both sides of the mic

Benefit from the culmination of broadcast and media expertise. Know what interviewers do & want out of you. And how to get what you want as a guest. 

Working with me means you have..

  • A REAL PERSON TO ACTUALLY ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS and help you do it like a pro. I've actually interviewed celebs.  
  • PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT from someone who has been in the trenches. I WAS 'the media'. When I started interviewing celebrities on red carpets it was on tape! There's a lot you can learn from my mistakes/ successes. 
  • LUXURY OF REHEARSAL TIME  take the opportunity to practice in privacy rather than on public display. Make your mistakes when no one is watching.
  • HUGE SAVINGS The price of this course is far less than the cost of a one hour consulting session with me.  








  • The unspoken goals of every media interview
  • How to become a go-to media expert in your field
  • The outcomes of every interview
  •  What you need to do to prep for every single interview 

This module will explain:

  • Why every interview needs it's own game plan
  • The key questions to ask yourself before every interview
  • How to plan interaction with the host or reporter


  • How to frame a media message
  • Sharing opposing views
  • Addressing negatives
  • How to taking a stand 
  • Deciding when to talk fast & when to talk slow
  • Understanding the audience for each interview 
  • Managing the interview from the inside without taking over
  • Integrating your keywords 


  • The art and science of the media sound bite 
  • Why soundbites are important and how to effectively use them
  • How to craft your soundbites
  • When to use your soundbites


  • How to get rid of nerves
  • What to do immediately prior to the interview 
  • Top 3 Interview mistakes
  • Media protocols and how to interact with hosts and producers

This module will explain

  • The elements of an excellent media interview  


  • How to answer questions
  • How to stay on message 
  • When and how to mention 'the book'
  • How to ask and answer your own questions
  • How to approach difficult questions

This module will explain:

  • Bridging techniques
  • If, when, how to say 'no comment'?
  • When to go off record
  • What to do if the host isn't asking the questions you expected


Ultimate Air Checker

A guide to assessing your interviews 

All the questions you need to ask

How to assess your performance


Leverage your interviews

ALL the ways to squeeze the juice out of your interview


So, do you want in? 

The PITCH MASTER LAB is opening soon. Be first in line & i'll let you know when we launch!

Do you want in?

The MEDIA MESSAGING LAB is opening soon. Be first in line & i'll let you know when we launch!


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