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You're an expert in your field. Let's package that up and take it to market so you can share your message with your audience.

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Here's what's waiting for you

Step-by-step framework to develop your media messaging.Take your expertise and turn it into talking points, media hooks, and soundbites. Finally get your pitch assets finalized so you can start pitching with confidence.





But first, a quick note!

Real talk, I will always tell it like it is and will be brutally honest about what it really takes for you to nail it as a podcast guest.

Before you click send on on a single pitch you need ensure your messaging is on point! We know you are an expert in your field, we know you know your stuff, we just need to ensure that you've articulated all your gold and packaged it up for the media into media-ready hooks. 

This is the perfect place to really spend time dialing in your messaging and positioning  so you can confidently (and competitively) pitch yourself and expertise.


You're an expert in your field but when it comes to pitching yourself to the media you freak out because you "don't know what to talk about" even though you probably wrote a book about it.

Marie Kondo Your Messaging

THEN punch it up for the press! 


Pitching podcasts has been on your to-do list for months but you keep putting it off until you have all the "things'" ready. You don't have your talking points, one or sheet, media vault. You don't quite know where to start. Meanwhile your competitors are getting tons of interviews and coverage.

The odds are NOT in your favor

This isn't the Hunger Games (but it kind of is).


Landing interviews on podcasts is competitive. Yes, there are 700,000 podcasts! But a weekly show only has 52 interview spots a year and your average show receives 50 pitches a day (that's 18,250 a year!) The time to pitch podcasts is yesterday so getting your messaging on point is crucial.

WHAT makes me so UNIQUE to teach you ?

Legit question and I would ask the exact same thing! Below is the long route I took to get where I am (so you don't have to) and benefit from my 'learnings' AKA mistakes along the way.


Hi I'm Kelly Glover and I've put in 18-years working my way up the in media

Here's what my journey looks like (so you can reap the benefits). WARNING: CELEBRITY NAME DROPPING AHEAD!

Hollywood Intern: Yes, I started at Miramax in Hollywood! There's a lot you learn from a film studio. Lots of reading scripts, contracts, and seeing how the publicity machine works for movie releases and Oscar. campaigns

Celebrity Interviewer: Interviewing celebrities on the red carpet at movie premieres. This is where interview skills come into play. There's so much to know about asking and answering questions! A few people I've interviewed include Chris Hemsworth, John Travolta, Kirsten Dunst, Billy Bob Thornton, Jason Segel, Joaquin Phoenix, Kim Basinger, Rose Burn, Katie Holmes, and Sarah Michelle Gellar. 

Talent Agent: Sourcing, pitching, booking talent for TV, theater, commercials and musical theater. Lot of negotiations, contracts, and talent management.  

Community Radio: This is where the true love for radio and podcasts began. I did a course, started a radio show. 

Started Podcasting:  It was 2007 and a podcast was my radio show with the songs and commercials removed. 

Grad School for Radio: I went to the national radio school in Australia AFTRS (10 people a year get chosen). I learned every aspect prom producing, to copywriting, editing, promotions, hosting. scripting. I can run a board, talk on the mic, edit a call, and time out all at the same time. This experience is unparalleled.

Syndicated radio host: Hosted my own radio show for 3 years! That's 6 hours a day live on air so I've racked up more than 5,000 hours on-air. 

Show Notes Writer: Here's where I got into podcasting as a profession as a show notes writer. I was back living in Hollywood for 4 years.

Podcast Guest Booker: I start as a basic booker and freaking nail it. I'm the top booker at the agency and am booking 80+podcast interviews per month. 

Podcast Producer at a Network: Those radio skills come in handy when I produced 8 shows for the women's podcast network, Mamamia. The branded podcast I produced Hello, Bump! got more than 1 million downloads and #1 on iTunes and was awarded Best Branded Podcast at The Australian Podcast Awards. Other shows made New & Noteworthy. Total gun producer but ready to launch the agency. 

Casting Producer: Have you ever watched UnReal? It' pretty much that! 

The Talent Squad: Finally go out on my own. 

You NEED superior MESSAGING and MEDIA HOOKS & I should be the one to help You

The solution? The Media Messaging Lab!

I'll take you through my process we use at the agency to get our clients "pitch ready." It's a step-by-step guided process. I'll ask you ALL the right questions so we can pinpoint and extract the the gold.


I'll help you extract the best talking points and craft them into media-ready hooks (you won't believe are yours). Trust me, once you have your awesome hooks you'll clickbait yourself they will be so interesting. We don't do boring run-of-the-mill topics or talking points here. We do clickbait that actually delivers (the key is that it MUST deliver!

You know your message, story and expertise, Uncovering what and how to talk about what you do and your experience has a lot to do with being asked the right questions by the right person at the right time!

I am that person for you and now is the time. Not only will we work together to really pinpoint the good stuff (that you probably can't see on your own) but I'll help you see the white space is in the podcast market.

Turn your messaging into clickbait that actually DELIVERS

You know those emails with subject lines SO GOOD you just  have to open them? That will be YOUR PITCH email. This is where that magic messaging is created. 

Media Messaging Lab

The steps we'll take to get you there

  • Identify and succinctly articulate your expertise 
  • Break your topline expertise into topics
  • Extract topics from your personal story and business journey 
  • Turn those topics form your expertise/story into talking points
  • Start to identify the white space in the market
  • Develop pitch angles with your target market in mind
  • Find the messaging gaps so you can stand out from your competitors
  • Craft a slate of media-ready hooks to add to your pitch vault
  • Teach you awesome headline formulas so you can work on  your own clickbait that actually delivers 
  • Package everything up into your one sheet 

All of this, with ONE EXTRA invaluable resource... ME!

This is the part where I tell you that I really know my sh*t

Seriously though, this is my superpower and I want to use it to help you!

I have a gift in that I can take your expertise, reflect it back to you, ask you the right questions, and repackage it into something awesome.

Media Messaging Lab is designed by an award-winning producer, a radio host, talent agent, celebrity interviewer, casting producer and  guest booker. Me,  it's designed by me and I want to help you Marie Kondo your message then punch it up for the press so you get that eye-brow raising reaction you are looking for. 

Real expertise with a track record behind it. This isn't low hanging fruit to just pitch and get booked on any podcast that will say yes.This is next level thoughtful and strategic creative pitching with actual journalistic and PR principals behind it.

Working with me means you have..

  • A REAL PERSON TO ACTUALLY ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS to help you learn to do it like a pro. You might notice this is not your average snooze-fest sausage factory of an agency. Nope. 
  • PROFESSIONAL SUPPORT from someone who has been in the trenches since 2001 when podcasts weren't even invented. 
  • LESS HASSLE in figuring it out on your own (you would have done it by now.)  
  • HUGE SAVINGS The price of this course is far less than the cost of a one hour consulting session with me.  
  • MORE TIME to craft the actual pitches and get yourself on shows! Oh, you can use ALL your messaging across your platforms to win win WIN!







Module 1: Positioning Primer

  • Personal brand audit
  • Messaging audit
  • Expertise extractor
  • Storylab workshop
  • Target audience tracker

Module 2: Messaging

Talking Points

  • Let's start by breaking down your expertise into general topics. Then I'll guide you through the process of identifying elements of your story we can use. Then we'll work with those on developing talking points.

Hooks & Headlines

  •  Time to punch it up for the press. Get creative and turn those tight talking points into hell-yeah hooks. Think clickbait that actually delivers. We've got some awesome headline formulas to get you started!

Pitch Angles

  • We'll take your brand new list of talking points one step further and develop multiple angles for each of them! Customization is key. We'll take into consideration your target audience, show categories, and gaps in the market. 

Module 3: Pitch Assets

One Sheet

  • Package your pitch and put a bow on it! We're about to create your media one sheet. Choose a selection of hooks to feature on your one-pager. 

Online Media Kit

  • Gamechanger alert! Your online media kit is about to become your new best friend. I'll give you the inside scoop on exactly what to include and how to format your design. 


Messaging bible

Bring it all together in one place so you can be consistent with your messaging in all that you do. 


Ultimate pitch tracking grid  

Coming soon

So, do you want in? 

The PITCH MASTER LAB is opening soon. Be first in line & i'll let you know when we launch!

Do you want in?

The MEDIA MESSAGING LAB is opening soon. Be first in line & i'll let you know when we launch!


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