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Vague flattery is overdone & won't get you booked! Master the art of the cold pitch in the hot medium of podcasts. Learn how to use core  PR principals to craft customized outreach with nuance.  

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Here's what's waiting for you

Accelerated practical learning based on two perspectives 1) Core principals of successful PR/ media outreach 2) Knowing how producers/ hosts think, work and make decisions.





But first, a quick note!

Real talk, I will always tell it like and will be brutally honest about what it really takes to nail it. This isn't about just getting started, or getting something "out there." 


Don't have the budget to hire an awesome agency to pitch you? I get it and you can absolutely DIY but you need to be ready to put in the work.

Unpopular Opinion

What no one will tell you so I will


People often say "done is better than perfect. "But when it comes to sending pitches that is NOT the case! Hosts are savvy to the "Dear [name], I love your [podcast] especially your recent episode [insert episode #] on [subject]. Any show worth being a guest on (and even some that aren't) won't book you just because you got a "customized" generic pitch "done".

The odds are NOT in your favor

Average is the enemy


Landing interviews on podcasts is competitive. Yes, there are 700,000 podcasts! But a weekly show only has 52 interview spots a year and your average show receives 50 pitches a day (that's 18,250 a year!). If your pitch is average you won't be chosen.

WHAT makes me so UNIQUE to teach you ?

Legit question and I would ask the exact same thing! Below is the long route I took to get where I am (so you don't have to) and benefit from my 'learnings' AKA mistakes along the way.


Hi I'm Kelly Glover and I've put in 18-years working my way up the in media

Here's what my journey looks like (so you can reap the benefits). WARNING: CELEBRITY NAME DROPPING AHEAD!

Hollywood Intern: Yes, I started at Miramax in Hollywood! There's a lot you learn from a film studio. Lots of reading scripts, contracts, and seeing how the publicity machine works for movie releases and Oscar. campaigns

Celebrity Interviewer: Interviewing celebrities on the red carpet at movie premieres. This is where interview skills come into play. There's so much to know about asking and answering questions! A few people I've interviewed include Chris Hemsworth, John Travolta, Kirsten Dunst, Billy Bob Thornton, Jason Segel, Joaquin Phoenix, Kim Basinger, Rose Burn, Katie Holmes, and Sarah Michelle Gellar. 

Talent Agent: Sourcing, pitching, booking talent for TV, theater, commercials and musical theater. Lot of negotiations, contracts, and talent management.  

Community Radio: This is where the true love for radio and podcasts began. I did a course, started a radio show. 

Started Podcasting:  It was 2007 and a podcast was my radio show with the songs and commercials removed. 

Grad School for Radio: I went to the national radio school in Australia AFTRS (10 people a year get chosen). I learned every aspect prom producing, to copywriting, editing, promotions, hosting. scripting. I can run a board, talk on the mic, edit a call, and time out all at the same time. This experience is unparalleled.

Syndicated radio host: Hosted my own radio show for 3 years! That's 6 hours a day live on air so I've racked up more than 5,000 hours on-air. 

Show Notes Writer: Here's where I got into podcasting as a profession as a show notes writer. I was back living in Hollywood for 4 years.

Podcast Guest Booker: I start as a basic booker and freaking nail it. I'm the top booker at the agency and am booking 80+podcast interviews per month. 

Podcast Producer at a Network: Those radio skills come in handy when I produced 8 shows for the women's podcast network, Mamamia. The branded podcast I produced Hello, Bump! got more than 1 million downloads and #1 on iTunes and was awarded Best Branded Podcast at The Australian Podcast Awards. Other shows made New & Noteworthy. Total gun producer but ready to launch the agency. 

Casting Producer: Have you ever watched UnReal? It' pretty much that! 

The Talent Squad: Finally go out on my own. 

You NEED superior PITCH skills & I should be the one to teach You

Pitch Master Lab


I DON'T do generic (that's a hard no from me). I DO like a less but better approach though!  

If you just want to copy and paste email templates and hope for the best then this won't be for you. This is a program that requires strategy and work. 

Pitch Master Lab is the fast track for entrepreneurs, authors, and PR pros wanting to up-skill and nail media outreach.

Packed with actionable, step-by-step, time efficient strategies that will allow you to bypass months of trial and error. Move straight to streamlined execution. Don't waste your one chance to send that important pitch with something that is off the mark.


You'll Learn How To

  • Stand out among your competitors. The average podcast receives 50 pitches a day that's 18,250 a year! Make sure you stand out so you can land one of the 52 interview spots! 
  • Craft the perfect pitch! Learn how to pitch the right way. If you just can't quite get those yeses from the shows you want then up-level your skills. 
  • Understand how the podcast industry is different so you can play the game strategically and stop guessing. 

    Learn exactly where to source the best podcasts so you can speed up the process in trawling the internet for the right shows and stop wasting time pitching the wrong shows.  

  •  Understand what hosts and producers are REALLY looking for so you can stop spending time writing pitches that won't get a yes. 


All of this, with ONE EXTRA invaluable resource... ME!

Pitch Master Lab is designed by an award-winning producer, a radio host, talent agent, celebrity interviewer, casting producer and  guest booker. Join the Pitch Master Lab knowing that I've got you covered from every possible angle.

This course is not about generic templated pitches. I am here to provide my experience and expertise. Real expertise with a track record behind it. This isn't low hanging fruit to just pitch and get booked on any podcast that will say yes.This is next level thoughtful and strategic creative pitching with actual journalistic and PR principals behind it.

Working with me means you have..

  • A REAL PERSON TO ACTUALLY ANSWER YOUR QUESTIONS & help you learn like a pro.
  • PRO SUPPORT from someone who has been there
  • BIG $AVING$ Honestly the price of this course is less than the cost of a one hour consulting session with me.  
  • MORE TIME to craft successful pitches instead of hours figuring it out on average ones that will never make it.







Module 1: Podcast Pitch Primer

  • Pre-pitch messaging audit
  • How pitching podcasts is different to other media outreach campaigns
  • How to revamp positioning for podcasts
  • The podcast pitch cycle explained
  • What producers & hosts want (and don't want) you to know

Module 2: Pitch Master Method

  • Anatomy of the perfect podcast pitch
  • The ultimate Pitch Master method
  • The 5 core principals of pitching you absolutely need to know 
  • Pitch mistakes to avoid and how not to get blacklisted
  • How to breathe new life into boring or unsuccessful pitches

Module 3: Cold Pitching

  • How to score better results from your cold email pitches 

  • The 80/20 email pitching rule of thumb most PR Pros don't use

  • Methods to boost response rates

  • Secrets of writing subject that beg to be opened.

  • Ways to customize your pitch & not use vague flattery.

    This module will explain:

  • Key questions to ask yourself before you hit send so your pitch shows up as a unique.

  • The #1 method to use so you can truly understand what hosts and producers want

  • How to craft a pitch that’s a perfect fit for a producers needs.

  • How to predict what hosts want to cover before they even know themselves

  • How to manufacture creativity on demand so that your pitches stand out

Module 4: Advance Skills 

What most people won't do is what will keep you ahead of the pack! This is beyond basic booker skills.

  • The pitch/ counter pitch method
  • Phone pitching (terrified? all the more reason you MUST do this session)
  • The super-valuable follow-up system you'll want to incorporate and use forever
  • The art and skill of unearthing pitch-worthy nuggets
  • Highly effective habits of ultimate pitch master pros

    This module will explain:

  • How to show up as an answer to a producers prayers!

  • How to make it easy for a hosts to choose you.
  • How to leveraging insider info to boost your pitching results. 


Podcast Pitch Planner

Coming soon


Ultimate pitch tracking grid  

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Access to the vault

Coming soon

So, do you want in? 

The PITCH MASTER LAB is opening soon. Be first in line & i'll let you know when we launch!

Do you want in?

The PITCH MASTER LAB is opening soon. Be first in line & i'll let you know when we launch!

Frequently Asked Questions

Podcast interviews have become the new book and satellite tours. It's a way you can reach target audiences without having the time and expense involved with travel.  Think a podcast interview as an evergreen fire-side chat that the audience can pop in and out of any time they like. You get 30-60 minutes to showcase your expertise and help your audience with their most pressing need.

Authors, entrepreneur, coaches, and services providers. 

We’ve have such a range of clients whom have been successful including a  dominatrix (talking about power and influence), a documentary film maker, founder of a $100M company, Sharktank entrepreneur (Mark Cuban deal), YA fiction a author, crypto/ fintech lawyer, relationship expert, therapists, and an CPA whose target was dental practices. That's just a few. If you are an expert in your field and have a target audience then there are podcasts for you. 



Benefits of being interviewed on podcasts

  1. Personal and business brand awareness
  2. Podcasts are the media tour you don't have to leave the house to do. (save, time, travel, money and access more people more often on demand rather than a one-time speaking gig at a conference.)
  3. Warm intro from the host to their highly engaged and niche audience
  4. A luxurious 30-60 mins to get in the ears of your audience. Podcast listeners actually listen to most of the show (unlike reading and watching video). 
  5. Podcast interviews speeds up the know, like and trust factor.
  6. Podcasts are evergreen and largely remain relevant. 
  7. SEO! Backlinks to your site and keywords in the shownotes. 
  8. Repurpose interview content
  9. Leverage your podcast interviews into speaking gigs 
  10. Increased authority in your niche
  11. Exposure to new audiences
  12. Networking with podcasts hosts (underrated and high value)
  13. Opportunities for affiliates with hosts as well as partnerships


Absolutely! There are many courses that will show you how to cut/paste swipe files. However, we know that hosts are savvy to the vague flattery and fill-in-the-blank shallow 'customizations'. We teach principals of a good pitch, strategy and technique. 



This course is great for you and also if you your team or VA to be professionally trained to do outreach on your behalf. We know anyone can pitch podcasts. This is about up-leveling pitches so they yield better results and are a professional reflection of your brand. 

Yes! All videos are created and recorded by me. I check the FB group regularly and answer questions. I'll also host a weekly Q&A

This is an online course so you get access to the course. Go at your own pace. Watch & re-watch the videos, work on the PDF downloads. Interact with the FB group. 


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